Masonry and Chimney Repair


Keystone Masonry & Heat is a full service masonry company.  We do stone work, brickwork, hearths, retaining walls, patios, walkways, fireplaces, veneers, steps, chimneys, restoration and repairs.

Chimney Repair

A good portion of masonry chimneys are in disrepair.  The deterioration of the masonry in the chimney allows for water penetration into your roof.  Common entry points include the counterflashing, deteriorated mortar joints, cracked masonry units, a failed chimney crown and a lack of a chimney cap.  Chimney crowns commonly fail due to poor quality and outdated workmanship.  Keystone masonry & heat uses the most up to date standards which include an expansion joint between chimney crown and chimney flue, as well as a portland cement based crown with a 2 inch over hang incorporating a drip line to prevent water from accumulating and running down the chimney.


In masonry construction mortar joints are designed to fail before the masonry units.  Repair work also includes repointing as the method of repairing these joints.  The reliance upon higher quantities of  portland cement (a very hard substance) in modern masonry mixes can damage some older masonry construction particularly involving softer stone or brick.  We mix our own mortar mixes to the appropriate consistencies, hardness and color to match the existing work to make the repair blend to our best efforts.

Please call today for any masonry work or repair.  Call for chimney assessment and repair before water issues manifest

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