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What is a Tulikivi Masonry Heater?

Tulikivi Masonry heaters are highly efficient, clean burning, radiant heating appliances. Tulikivis patented whirlbox, with engineered air system, burns batches of wood at upwards of 1500 degrees (F) providing a complete combustion that passes the worlds toughest emission standards.  The unique qualities of Finnish soapstone provide maximum heat storage and transfer allowing a gentle release of radiant heat that is pleasant and safe to the touch.  With just 1 -2 fires a day your Tulikivi will provide constant slow released radiant heat 24 hours a day.  Custom benches, bake oven, finishes and bands will make your Tulikivi a center piece of your home.  With minimal emissions and a carbon neutral footprint, Tulikivi masonry heaters provide heat you can feel good about.


Understanding Tulikivi’s Radiant Wood Heat

Tulikivi Masonry Heaters provide constant slow released radiant heat.  Radiant heat functions much like the sun sending out rays to warm you, your home and surrounding mass directly rather than heating the surrounding air like other heating appliances.  This means a more direct consistent warmth with minimal air currents.  The unique features radiant heat provide a level of thermal comfort not achievable by convection and standard heating appliances.  While your Tulikivi is engineered for a clean high temperature burn, the qualities of Finish soapstone absorb this heat and stores it for a slow release that is safe and pleasant to the touch.  Tulikivi Masonry Heaters: Heat that warms you like a hug.


The Tulikivi experience:

  • Radiant heat and thermal comfort

  • Highly efficient clean combustion

  • Warm and safe to the touch

  • Cooking and baking options

  • Modern Precision

  • Minimal emissions

  • Offset Carbon Footprint




Tulikivi Classic American Line Full Brochure



Tulikivi Modern American Line Full Brochure


Custom Options:

Benches, Bake ovens, Decorative bands and Finishes


Design and Model Assistance


Tulikivi -Girl

Questions, Inquiries, Ready to start heating with sustainable wood heat?  We are passionate about masonry heat and would love to talk with you.



Resources and Further information

Customer Resources

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